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What is the Dark Web?

Where does our stolen identity data go?
Cyber Liability Insurance
There’s an area of the Web that doesn’t show up in typical search engines such as Google, called the Dark Web. This anonymous portion of the Web can only be accessed using a special Web browser. It’s used by organized crime and nation states to essentially search and exchange information.
There’s a lot of information being traded on the Dark Web that we as regular visitors don’t have visibility into, whether it’s illegal information, credit card information, or your electronic health records. One of the most valuable forms of illicit data today is our electronic medical records, which is not only our financial information but […]

Will North Korea End the Bull Market?

The good times continued to roll in investment markets throughout the third quarter and year-to-date. Below is a report card of various investment categories around the world:


Q3 Return

YTD Return




U.S. Bonds



U.S. Stocks



Developed International Stocks



Emerging Market Stocks




Cash is represented by the Bloomberg Barclays 1-3 Month T-Bill index, U.S. Bonds are represented by the Bloomberg Barclays US Agg Bond index, U.S. Stocks are represented by the S&P 500 index, Developed International Stocks are represented by the […]

Are You Properly Insuring Your Wine?

If you’re a wine aficionado, you’re probably collecting and storing a significant amount of wine. However, have you considered that you might want to insure your collection? It’s important to understand what your policy covers and doesn’t cover, such as market appreciation, mechanical breakdown of your climate control system and newly acquired wine. Most policies don’t even cover wine collections, and you’ll need a separate policy or rider to protect it. Additionally, you’ll want to consider an insurance carrier that specializes in settling wine collection claims.

Click here for simple tips for protecting your wine collection.

Above: Wine Storage Bellevue facility

According to Patrick Gilroy, Owner of Wine Storage Bellevue, “Not all wine storage facilities are equal. Depending on your individual needs, here are some important factors to consider: Does your facility accept wine shipments on your behalf and store them safely for you? Is your wine accessible and available when you need it? Ask about extended hours and 7-day-a-week access. The quality of the wine’s security should match, if not exceed, the value of the collection. Be sure to ask if your wine is stored securely under lock and key, or, better yet, under surveillance. If you use a web-based cellar management tool, ask about wireless internet access where your wine is stored so you can keep your records up to date. Some places even offer a comfortable decanting area where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine with a fellow connoisseur or wine interest group."

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The Partners Group Selected as One of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Washington

The Partners Group, a leading Northwest based provider of employee benefits, insurance and financial consulting services, is excited to be named as one of Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, an award based solely on employee feedback.

TPG's Employee Team Building Day

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Seattle Business Magazine salutes Washington’s award-winning companies who set the standard for leadership, benefits, work environment, training programs and more. The 100 Best Companies to Work For award is achieved by employees participating in an anonymous, extensive survey that focuses on company qualities such as: values, execution, leadership and culture.

Renting a car? Ever wonder if you need to buy the insurance offered at the rental-car counter? Here are some helpful tips to help answer that question…

Michelle Gallardo & Lori Hedgecock share their tips on car rental:

1. Know your personal auto policy. It’s likely your policy will extend coverage to a rented vehicle, but there are limitations. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance agent before you rent a car so you understand the limitations provided by your own auto policy.

2. Using a credit card to pay for the rental car may provide you some protection, but it’s likely limited to reimbursement of your insurance deductible after your own policy pays for repairs.

3. Understand there are unique circumstances that you will want to address with […]

Employee Benefits

The Employee Benefits Division of The Partners Group serves the employee benefit needs of over 500 West Coast employers, with offices in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Bend, OR; Bellevue, WA; and Bozeman MT. Our benefits consulting team specializes in providing a highly-consultative approach coupled with problem-solving wellness analytics, to help employers reduce healthcare costs, improve employee health, and create long-term health plan stability.

Business Consulting

The Business Consulting Division of The Partners Group is dedicated to consulting with healthcare systems and jumbo employers to manage the health and well being of their employees, families, and communities. Our focus is to provide an innovative, solution-oriented service that capitalizes on data to pinpoint potential problems. Whether it be uncovering potential sources of escalating healthcare costs, or other anomalies in data, this service provides endless, problem-solving advantages to a variety of industries.

Commercial Insurance

The Partners Group Commercial Insurance Division manages the business risks for hundreds of employers. We provide an unmatched depth and breadth in commercial insurance and risk management services combined with extraordinary people who possess an unusual ability to connect on a personal level. We work hard to understand the unique risks and exposures of your business, and identify the solutions to provide the right coverage for the right price. As an independent company The Partners Group can tailor solutions to work specifically for you, even creating new policies and programs, if that’s what you need.

Private Client Services

The Partners Group Private Client Services Division advises business owners and high income shareholder groups comprising just over 3,200 successful individuals, families and medical professionals on investment services, retirement planning, and personal insurance. We’ve been in business for over 30 years as a privately held company based in the Northwest, and we’re here to stay. Additionally, we are not tied to products and plans. We provide various platforms and a multitude of options to fit your needs, which can change over time as your life changes. When you work with TPG Private Client Services, you’re dealing with the shareholders of this firm, and we are honored to play a role your life, your family’s lives, and your next generation’s lives.