Where does our stolen identity data go?
Cyber Liability Insurance
There’s an area of the Web that doesn’t show up in typical search engines such as Google, called the Dark Web. This anonymous portion of the Web can only be accessed using a special Web browser. It’s used by organized crime and nation states to essentially search and exchange information.
There’s a lot of information being traded on the Dark Web that we as regular visitors don’t have visibility into, whether it’s illegal information, credit card information, or your electronic health records. One of the most valuable forms of illicit data today is our electronic medical records, which is not only our financial information but also our health insurance information. This includes our health history, our prescription history, our procedures, etc. It’s enough information to commit not only financial identity theft but medical fraud, which is really the financial reward for using electronic medical records.

As a result, health data is the next frontier in data breaches & ID theft. The total revenue associated in the US healthcare services in 2015 was 3.2 trillion. Somewhere between 3-10% of that is identified by the FBI as medical fraud, which equals to $70 – $200 billion of losses.

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Data Breaches and ID Theft – What CFOs and HR Professionals Need to Know

Watch this video to gain a better understanding around the threat of identity theft for you as an individual and for your business. We discuss:
– The risk and impact of data breaches and identity theft to individuals and families
– The new threat of medical ID theft and the risk to self-funded health plans
– How to protect yourself and your employees
– The risk and impact of data breaches to business
– Different types of insurance to protect your business