The Partners Group hosted a webinar on Thursday, April 27th entitled “Improving Health & Productivity in the Workplace”. This webinar focused on creating an outcomes based approach to wellness with a strong focus on prevention to drive positive health outcomes…adding up to a healthier and more productive workplace.


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Wellness Program Compliance Flow Chart:
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Webinar Overview:

The costs associated with lifestyle-related health problems have been estimated to account for more than a third of the $2.4 trillion that the United States spends on health care annually.

“You can’t quantify or measure the heart attack that DIDN’T happen, but you can prevent the heart attack.”

Making the leap from participation based to outcomes based should not be taken lightly.

Chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. They are pervasive, costly, and, in many cases, either preventable or manageable through the combined application of medical science and healthy lifestyles. Nearly fifty to eighty percent of all diseases are linked to the behavior choices we make.

Specialized industry experts covered:

  • Methods for engaging your leadership and workforce in a more preventive and outcomes driven approach to creating a culture of wellness in your workplace.
  • The process of transitioning from a participation to a largely outcomes based wellness program including human management strategies for getting people to take preventative action.
  • Learn from the experiences of other employers, and interesting data on both local and national programs.
  • A legal overview of outcomes based wellness activities and what to look out for from a legal standpoint.


Iris K. Tilley
Partner, Barran Liebman Attorneys

Iris Tilley advises employers in all aspects of employee benefits, including the design, administration, and termination of qualified retirement plans, non qualified deferred compensation arrangements, and health and welfare plans. Her work with health and welfare plans has included the correction of administrative errors, the implementation of plan amendments required for health care reform, and business planning for health care reform.

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Alexa Galluzzo
Managing Consultant of Health and Productivity, The Partners Group Employer Services Division

Alexa has specialized in wellness program engagement, health promotion and wellness for over 14 years. At The Partners Group Alexa focuses on leading the health and productivity segments, including the wellness package offerings for insured plans, population health packages with self-funded plans, and Leave of Absence practice.

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