Prescription for a Cure: How to Manage Rising Health Insurance Costs
Forum features The Partners Group and our employer clients who will discuss real life case examples

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM (PDT)

Join us for the Oregon Business’ breakfast series “Hot Topics/Cool Talks.” The panelists will discuss how to manage rising health insurance costs.

The health care policy landscape is steeped in uncertainty, and employer insurance costs continue to climb. Yet high quality health care benefits packages rank at the top of the list for companies aiming to recruit and retain top talent.

Employers need to pay attention to new health care benefits innovations while taking advantage of proven strategies to reduce expenses.

Join Oregon Business and the Partners Group for a lively and informative conversation about how to boost employee wellness while controlling and even reducing health care benefits costs.

Our expert panelists will discuss the following topics:

  • Latest updates to the Affordable Care Act and how the law affects employers’ abilities to manage health care pricing
  • The transition from fully insured to self-funded plans and how that strategy saves money
  • How employers can implement multifaceted wellness programs aimed at improving employees’ health and reducing health costs over the long term.
  • Pharmacy benefit management strategies
  • Targeted strategies for small and large employers

Location: The Benson Hotel • 309 SW Broadway • Portland, OR 97205


  • Linda Baker, Editor, Oregon Business Magazine


  • Renae Coombs, Human Resources Manager, SAIF Corporation
  • Sarah Friend, Employee Benefits Consultant, The Partners Group
  • Rojita Raghubansh, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Rick Management, Harsch Investment Properties