Portland, OR—December 21, 2021—From baking to decorating, gift-bag assembly to litter pick-up and beyond, our TPG elves have been busy, spending their volunteering hours out and about in their communities.

Let’s have a quick look at what we’ve been up to – while this list isn’t inclusive of all our volunteering efforts, it gives you an idea of the strong company culture that we foster here at The Partners Group. Thanks to all who participated in these events, as well as in volunteering opportunities year-round.

Boise Team: Idaho Food Bank (11/30/21)
[shown at left]
Tasks: Along with 18 others, TPGers sorted 1,980 lbs. of donated dry pasta into 2lb bags, which equaled 1,650 meals for needy Idaho families.
Participants: Shelli Stayner and Denise Collins

Bend Team: The Shephard’s House Ministries (12/10/21)
Tasks: They sorted donated clothes and then handed out food to people who stopped by and took in donations of food from people coming by.
Participants: John Hartz and Liz Farrugia

Portland Team: Portland Rescue Mission (12/2/21)
Tasks: Decorating the Burnside Shelter for the holidays.
Participants: Rod & Ginger Cruickshank, Jacob Leonard, Kyla Keller, Grace Cruickshank, Jake Shafer

Portland Team: SOLVE (12/10/21)
Tasks: Litter cleanup around the HQ office
Participants: Chaya Astekar, Janelle Austen, Jessica Bryan, Eva Yang, Karen Ray, Tara Kuck, Carrie McHale, Doreen Barnhouse, Leah Burkhart, Alex Mullen, Adam Johnson, Jeff Carrick, Aaron Fastenow, Robert Lemke, Tim Anderson

Bellevue Team: Salvation Army Toy & Joy (12/14/21) [shown at left]
Tasks: Helping to set- up, sort, and do an inventory of toys for families in need
Participants: Andrea Rennie, MiShell Dains, Mike Arnold, Tanner Washburn

Bellevue Team: Mill Creek Food Bank (12/16/21)
Tasks: Assisting in distributing food for families in need at the Gold Creek Community Church Participants: Michele Johnson, Soraya Volquez, Chrissy Spangler, Jennifer O’Connell, Craig Pankow, Leanne Pearson, Heidi Stedman