Portland, Oregon, Nov 5, 2020 – The Partners Group, a purpose-driven, employee-owned consulting, insurance, and financial services firm, has been named the second Healthiest Employer of Oregon by the Portland Business Journal in the 100-499 employee category. This is the tenth consecutive year The Partners Group has been honored to make the list.

“We believe having strong executive level leadership support and implementing organizational wellbeing strategies is vital to the overall health and wellbeing of our employees,” said Karla Thommen, The Partners Group’s Managing Director of Talent Development. “This year, wellbeing looks a lot different than it ever has before. For example, several months into the pandemic we noticed that employees were canceling PTO because they couldn’t travel, so we instituted several impromptu all-company days off for rest and restoration and sent out a list of staycation ideas to encourage time off.

TPG’s Personal Insurance team meets up for a socially distanced lunch over the summer

The Partners Group has partnered with their EAP provider to offer webinars about emotional health, racial injustice, and best practices for parents facing a virtual learning environment. They also recognized a need to prioritize and invest in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

“We hired a DEI consultant, established an employee-run DEI discussion group, and we continue to learn more about how to support our employees’ wellbeing by being an equitable and inclusive employer,” said Thommen.

According to Chase Sterling, The Partners Group’s Managing Director of PartnerWell: “Wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do for both our clients and our employees. We strive to provide a variety of health and wellbeing support that focuses on the full spectrum of wellbeing: physical, career, social, community, and financial.

Wellbeing is more than exercise or eating vegetables—it’s baking a warm loaf of bread, spending time out on the water, or taking a walk with furry friends!

Thommen added: “TPG’s focus on employee wellbeing is a win-win. We know that if we can make our employees’ lives a bit happier and healthier, they’ll have more capacity to be present and productive at work.”

The Partners Group’s employee wellbeing program, FRESH, is designed not only to reward, motivate, and recognize employees for participating in a variety of wellbeing activities, but also to promote the wellbeing of their families and local community. TPG employees can earn wellbeing points for using their volunteer PTO to help out at a local non-profit, donating blood, attending EAP webinars about different wellbeing topics, increasing their 401k contribution, and more.

The 2020 FRESH program is aimed at improving employee wellbeing by targeting the following aspects of health: sleep, hydration, mental, physical, immunity, eye, financial, and nutrition. FRESH activities are recorded using an online portal and employees can earn quarterly prizes in the form of PTO and gift cards.

The PartnerWell Health Engagement Portal is an employee-facing online hub for your workplace wellbeing program. With strong mobile functionality and robust reporting, the portal offers the ability to track employee health engagement, manage activities and incentives, and share important communications—all in one place.

The “Healthiest Employers of Oregon” program is designed to reward companies who are demonstrating innovation and leadership in their wellness programs. The award utilizes an online assessment to measure wellness programming in six key categories: leadership commitment, foundational components, strategic planning, communication, marketing, programming, interventions, reporting, and analysis. Find out more about the Healthiest Employers program at their website.

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