Robin Williams – Individual Insurance Senior Account Manger, Vicky Dwight – Commercial Insurance Account Assistant, and Emily Austin – Employee Benefits Team Lead North.As part of The Partners Group wellness program that includes volunteering time, The Partners Group employees volunteered as guides at Care Day. Care Day seeks to serve our community by providing vital services to those who need them on one day — in one place. TPG Volunteers welcomed guests and helped them navigate the event to ensure they were connected to their most needed services.

Emily Austin shared her experience with us, “the family I was assigned to had a painful broken tooth repaired, researched housing services, enjoyed a hot lunch, received clothing, groceries, books and eye exams! Phew, it was a lot to cover in one day but we got everything on their list crossed off! A highlight of the day for me was running into the family I “guided” at Care Day last year who was very happy to report they were doing much better this year and no longer homeless!”

Robin Williams said she guided a family of six and they had their four children’s portraits taken for the first time, “to see all of their faces, when I opened the photo to show them was priceless.”

Vicky Dwight was a greeter and then a guide as well, “I was a greeter and then a guide for a mother and two daughters who were homeless. She had been in four car accidents within a short time and has not been able to work. The services which interested her most were dental, haircuts, legal counseling, transportation, cell phones, pet care, and shoes for her girls. The 10-year-old could not find tennis shoes to fit, so with help of the volunteer she found the cutest pair of BOC sandals with a leather flower on the toe. It did my heart good to see the big smile on her face as she danced around in them.” While greeting, Vicky shared this, “I saw families coming through the door and you could see worry on their faces. They looked a little different when they were leaving. We made them feel special for just a few hours.”

Care Day is a day devoted to connecting our neighbors in the Northshore area with immediate access to the services and resources they need. In one place—on one day—attendees enjoy a hot meal and have access to free health services, groceries, haircuts, housing, public benefits, referrals to employment training, and much more.

Care Day 2016 featured:

  • 450+ guests
  • 78 local service organizations
  • 190 volunteers, from local churches and service groups
  • Guests were
        • primarily (66%) from Bothell, Kirkland, Woodinville, and Kenmore
        • 78% aged 26-50, 8% aged 18-25
        • 27% of guests were homeless
        • 29% were seeking work
        • 29% were disabled
        • 73% were new to Care Day

The Partners Group employees are encouraged to volunteer during the year on paid company time as part of The Partners Group wellness program, which encourages personal, family, community and environmental activities for employees. The Partners Group employees gain a wellness point for their first four hours of volunteering, which counts toward their total number of wellness points needed to receive employer paid healthcare.