At the Core With Sarah Friend

Episode 4: “Embrace the Unexpected” with Sheila Murty, Executive Vice President of People and Culture at Tillamook County Creamery Association


Sarah and her guest talk about Sheila’s literal journey from Malaysia to the US and how she eventually became the head of people and culture at the place that makes everyone’s favorite cheese.

Among many topics, they discuss the concept of “why not me?” and how it applies to job searching and recruiting, giving oneself the opportunity to fail, and demonstrating healthy work-life balance by “leaving loudly” when non-work priorities arise.

Recorded on September 19, 2023


Sheila Murty is the Executive Vice President of People and Culture at Tillamook County Creamery Association. TCCA is a $1.2 billion farmer cooperative, formed in 1909,  with one of the fastest growing consumer food brands in the country.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Sheila moved to Oregon as a college student, and since then has made it her home. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Oregon Health Sciences University and a master’s in business administration from Portland State University.

At Tillamook, Sheila leads the adoption of a culture framework, driving TCCA’s vision for a values-based organization, and managing all aspects of building a responsive and strategic HR function, along with IT, the Project Management Office and Legal Services. Tillamook employs nearly 1,000 employees in varied roles, from manufacturing, retail, office-based business and administrative, and a remote workforce across the country.

When not at work, Sheila and her husband enjoy time with their three children, enjoying life, food, and friendships in Oregon, and traveling near and far.

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