At the Core With Sarah Friend

Episode 3: “Resilient Leadership” with Lorna Day, Executive Director of the Sam Day Foundation


This month’s episode is a little different, as Sarah and her guest have been friends for many years, first as neighborhood parents and then evolving into something deeper with the illness and subsequent loss of Lorna’s son, Sam. The experience inspired Lorna to begin the Sam Day Foundation and become a community leader for families going through similar experiences.

Recorded on August 15, 2023


Lorna Day is the Executive Director of the Sam Day Foundation. She began a career as a pediatric occupational therapist. But in 2010, her 9-year-old son Sam was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and that became her focus. After fighting the disease for six years, Sam passed away in 2016. To honor and celebrate her child, Lorna set out to help other pediatric cancer patients and their families with the creation of the Sam Day Foundation in 2018.

Today, the foundation is helping to fill a specific deficit in childhood cancer research resources, primarily in the Pacific Northwest.