World Mental Health Awareness Day Virtual Panel
October 10, 2023
11:20 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. PDT

Investing in your employee’s wellbeing is investing in a better and brighter future. This year the World Federation for Mental Health is focused on highlighting: “Mental health is a universal human right.” Leaders and managers are well-positioned to normalize mental health care amongst today’s workforces and drive positive cultural changes.

An APA article reported that, Research by the American Psychological Association found that 2 in 5 employees report that work negatively affects their mental health.” Supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace is an ongoing process that requires commitment and engagement from both employers and employees. Join this virtual panel to hear from industry experts and clinicians while they explore the following themes:

  • Resources employers can implement to reduce burnout.
  • Techniques individuals can implement to cope with the stressors of life.
  • Ways to support mental health with different types of therapeutic approaches.
  • How to help people understand their care options.


Angela Fruhner LMHC, RDN, CD, CLT
Founder of Aitia Wellness PLLC

Hayley Hughes LMHC, CN, CWPC
PartnerWell Practice Leader for The Partners Group

Ryan Kenny, LCSW
Co-Founder of Pause

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