What started as a what-if brainstorming idea during a marketing department retreat last summer came to fruition this week.

On Thursday, July 27, we launched At the Core With Sarah Friend, in which TPG’s president talks with colleagues about the hows and the whys of their careers and life, what they would have done differently, what challenges and funny moments they’ve encountered along the way, and more. At the Core with Sarah Friend is about authentic, engaging women who have something to say while recognizing there is always something to learn.

Our first episode is “Accidental Entrepreneur,” featuring guest Melanie Marconi. As founder and CEO of VIDA Coworking, a community-based coworking company that offers workspace, support services and curated amenities, Melanie has incredible insight and advice to share.

You can find At the Core With Sarah Friend on a variety of different platforms – Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you listen to your content – and we’d love for you to subscribe. Let Sarah and the production team – Alyssa Mueller (project management), Taylor Capek (audio production and graphics), Kyle Lusk (digital production), Kerry Conroy (content editor), and Courtney Itami (production oversight) – know what you think.

In August, we’ll post Episode 2: “Unapologetic Leadership,” featuring Cyreena Boston-Ashby, CEO of Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest.