TPG has a set of five core values on which all its decisions are based – this quarter, we celebrate our new offices in Southport on Lake Washington.

Hello, Lake Life!
The newly constructed Southport development on the south shore of Lake Washington is a truly lovely spot to set up shop, as we move from our former Bellevue location to Renton this month.

Our Seattle staff’s new digs are modeled similarly to the Portland HQ offices, with collaborative spaces and workstations, natural light and materials, and plenty of TPG branding. “We’re excited to be on the water and have leaned into that beautiful Puget Sound aesthetic,” says Executive Vice President of Operations Doreen Barnhouse.

Let’s take a look at the ways this move supports our five core values, according to Barnhouse and Andrea Rennie, Director of HR & Operations at TPG North:

Be a Champion: “We wanted to create a space that people are drawn to, with nice views and workspaces and outdoor areas. It’s a win-win for everyone,” says Barnhouse. Not only that, “It’s an amazing space to bring clients,” Rennie agrees. Both cite Craig Pankow, Market President & Executive Vice President, Property & Casualty, as a driving force. “Thanks to Craig for his vision on this move and for pushing it forward,” adds Rennie.

Be Curious: “We’ll be in a new neighborhood, we’ll have new neighbors, we can support local businesses, and it’s just a better space for mingling with and learning about others,” Rennie says. It’s a fresh perspective, which leads to new ideas.

Have Fun & Live Well: Well, this is an easy one. Both cite the beautiful green spaces such as Coulon Park nearby, the rooftop deck, spots to go kayaking, lots of healthy dining options. And within the office itself, “Natural light is abundant, so important for a healthy workspace.”

Play Well with Others: “We’re the first tenants in the building,” says Rennie, “so we’re looking forward to new tenants and neighbors in the future. The property has many shared amenities and opportunities to make new friends.” Barnhouse cites the workspaces within the TPG office as places where collaboration with co-workers is enhanced.

Own It: “This move,” says Barnhouse, “is a continuation of our commitment to balance in the workplace, in our relationships, and in our culture.”

A special mention of the staff, along with Doreen and Andrea, who have managed the many move logistics – Betsy Stumme, Managing Director of Operations; Michelle Mendoza, Office & Marketing Assistant; Yasmin Diaz, Front Office Coordinator; Tim Anderson, Senior Director & Head of IT; Aaron Dacey, IT Site Administrator; and Aaron Fastenow, IT Operations Manager – as well as to all of our co-workers who handled their own workspace and office packing so easily. We were also able to make sizeable donations of kitchenware, office equipment, and more to locate non-profits to keep our commitments both to being green as well as to our Give30 initiative.

This Southport move has been a long time coming, and everyone’s cooperation and excitement is sincerely appreciated. We expect to host an open house in early 2023; stay tuned.