2022 TPG Throwdown: Cornhole for a Cause

Thank you for supporting the 2022 TPG Throwdown: Cornhole for a Cause. Together, we raised over $70,000 for INCIGHT and Every Child PDX. Both nonprofits received game-changing gifts that will further their mission and work in our local community.
It is not too late to make a gift to our nonprofit partners! We believe strongly in their work and are so happy to see their impact grow, thanks to your support.


We are pleased to be working with beneficiary partners INCIGHT and Every Child PDX. All proceeds from the TPG Throwdown will go to these organizations.

INCIGHT’s mission is to unlock the potential of people through employment, education, and independence. INCIGHT serves individuals living with barriers, people with disabilities, single parents, veterans, welfare recipients, and justice involved.


Every Child PDX is a part of Every Child Oregon, which mobilizes community to uplift children and families impacted by foster care.



If you are interested in sponsoring the TPG Throwdown as an individual or organization, the TPG Foundation has varying levels of sponsorship participation. Contact us with questions or to become a sponsor. All are welcome to enjoy the day with co-workers, clients, and colleagues.


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