In April 2022, TPG President Brad Nantz (left) and CFO Jake Shafer (right) accepted their respective 2022 Executives of the Year awards from the Portland Business Journal.

In his PBJ interview, Shafer said, “I’ve always had a mindset of never being satisfied with the present results. Like all good traits this can become a blind spot which needs to be counterbalanced with the leadership qualities of recognition of jobs well done, high levels of trust amongst the team, and ability to have fun along the journey.”

And as one of PBJ’s Presidents of the Year, Nantz noted, “”It’s not about the metrics. It’s not about the strategy. It’s about the people. Our No. 1 priority is to be an employer of choice, and that guides all of our decisions. . . . There’s a huge correlation between the average tenure of your team and the retention of your customer base.”

Congratulations to you both! We’re proud to work alongside you at TPG.

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