Ragan Corliss, Brittany Baer, and Christine Morgan participate in sports activities on a regular basis to earn a wellness point through The Partners Group.

Multi-Pic 2016 Ragan dodgeball and Brittany-Christine volleyball
Ragan Corliss – in Corporate Marketing, hurdles over a ball during a dodge ball match. Brittany Baer – Marketing Coordinator in Corporate Marketing, and Christine Morgan – Senior Account Manager in the Employee Benefits division, spend weeknights playing in a competitive women’s volleyball league.

To earn a wellness point at The Partners Group, you can enroll in a sports activity. You must participate in the activity on a regular basis, with at least 10 classes/games a minimum. This can be either a sports activity class (such as: karate, martial arts, or Zumba), or it can be a team sport as shown above.