In early spring 2020, as we all began to learn about the COVID-19 pandemic before suddenly retreating indoors, our teams at TPG quickly came together to create a much-needed resource hub for co-workers, colleagues, and clients, all of whom were desperately seeking a trusted source of information.

TPG’s COVID-19 Client Resource Hub was a connection for anyone who needed it, providing relevant and vetted resources, vaccine mandate news, employer guides to leave, the latest updates on infection numbers, workers’ compensation articles, leadership webinars, even live-streamed workout suggestions for all of us in lockdown.

The site was an incredible undertaking, handled by TPGers working from home, of course, along with their remote-schooled children, befuddled pets, stressed-out family members, and the constant dread of possible illness. Staff across all TPG departments and business divisions coordinated on what came to be a truly remarkable information site.

Here are some stats gathered just before the COVID Hub went dark in early April 2023:

From March ‘20–April ‘23
Total page views: 9,786
Unique page views: 8,849
Average time on page: 5 mins 56 secs

While we are thrilled that this vital resource is no longer relevant, we are proud of the site that TPGers created for their clients (and all others) and which we continued to update until recently. It’s yet another example of how we at The Partners Group rally our resources on behalf of our clients, in both good and not-so-good times alike.