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Focusing on Your Most Valuable Asset—Your Workforce

Your Partner at Work

The Partners Group (TPG) knows that your employees are your most valuable asset. For more than 35 years, TPG has been partnering with employers to design, implement, and measure integrated disability and absence management strategies that focus on workforce health and productivity.   


Your Challenge

Your company’s health starts with your employees’ health. When your employees aren’t working, your business doesn’t work at it’s best. Employee absence can have a profound effect on an organization’s costs, productivity and employee engagement. Efficiently and effectively managing the complexity of federal and state leave and accommodation laws is challenging at best. Consistently tracking leaves, return to work programs, integration with other plans and procedures, and mitigating the risk of non-compliance all play a key role in the total cost of absence and the health of your company and your employees.

Our Solutions

TPG Total Absence Management services include:

Program Assessment

  • Review of current policies and procedures
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for mitigating compliance risk
  • Assist in interpreting federal and state leave laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Integrate health and productivity programs to provide a holistic approach to workforce well-being

Total Cost of Absence Analysis

  • Measure the direct and indirect costs of absence, resulting in an ROI analysis to support program enhancement
  • Benchmark absence and disability performance against industry peers

Program Management

  • Deploy solutions including technology, vendor partnerships, and process redesign to enhance HR effectiveness, improve employee experience and reduce the total cost of absence
  • Vendor selection, project, and implementation support
  • Design and implement return-to-work and stay-at-work programs
  • Provide regular frontline supervisor training
  • Design custom dashboards to integrate health, leave and disability data


Next Steps

We create strategies that benefit your financial position as well as your employees’ well-being. Our clients call this client-centered approach exceptional. We call it being a good partner. Learn more about how the TPG Total Absence Management team can help you improve your workforce health and productivity through the design, implementation, and measurement of your integrated disability and total absence management strategy.

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Our Team

The industry-leading absence management team at The Partners Group provides a highly consultative approach coupled with problem-solving and integrated analytics to help our clients:
• Reduce health and productivity costs
• Remain compliant with state and federal regulations
• Improve employee health and well-being
• Create long-term financial stability

We are driven by an unyielding dedication to your success. We are armed with the kind of expertise only 35+ years of experience can bring. We use our depth, breadth, and resources to enhance value, control costs and take work off your plate instead of heaping it on.

Patty is one of the practice leaders for Total Absence Management Services for The Partners Group (TPG). With more than 30 years of experience in the employee benefits field, Patty has designed and implemented Total Absence Management  strategies, integrated disability programs, alternative funding arrangements, retirement plans, paid time off policies, long-term care plans, and executive benefit programs for both large international corporations and small regional employers.

Her collaborative approach to working with clients to help improve business performance has been the cornerstone of her career. Before joining The Partners Group, Patty was employed as a General Manage with a Fortune 500 insurance company. Patty enjoys the opportunity to partner with her clients to design creative and innovative employee benefit solutions.

Patty is a graduate of Oregon State University with a B.S. degree in Business Finance. She is a licensed Life and Health Insurance Consultant.

Contact: | 503.726.5718

Brycie has spent the entirety of her career in the field of absence and disability management. Her journey began with administering FMLA leaves for one of our nation’s largest retailers, and she soon advanced to overseeing an Absence and Disability Benefits program for a private Financial Servicing firm.  There she led the charge to implement several successful absence solutions, including policy and practice harmonization, creation of a formal ADA evaluation process, and integration of a leave management software solution. Brycie’s intimate knowledge of the challenges and successes, from the employer’s perspective, of maintaining and growing an effective absence and disability program while managing the ever-changing regulatory environment is something she is passionate about sharing with her clients in her consulting role.

Contact: | 503.941.4328