Building a culture of health within your organization isn’t always as easy as changing your own policies and practices. In fact, something as simple as a zip code can play a major role in your employees’ health. Where your employees live, work, and play can affect their health risks and outcomes.

In our latest webinar, Brad Lawson from Interactive Health discussed how understanding the social determinants of health—such as safe neighborhoods, education, and access to healthy food—will help you impact your employees’ health for the better.

Brad covered:

  • What social determinants of health are and why they should matter to employers
  • The link between health behaviors and social determinants
  • Ways to address employee health needs in geographically diverse locations by analyzing social determinants of health data
  • Real-life examples of how social determinant data is being used in companies like yours to bolster wellness programming and improve employee health

For more information on the topic of social determinants of health and how to better connect community and workplace health, listen to this podcast hosted by Interactive Health entitled “Social Determinants of Health: Is Your Zip Code as Important as Your Genetic Code?” for valuable insights.

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More about Brad Lawson

Brad Lawson joined Interactive Health in 2018 and serves as chief commercial officer where he leads and provides strategic direction for sales, marketing and account management.  Brad brings nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare and population health management field starting with WebMD where he served in several leadership positions.  He continued his career with clinical telemedicine companies and spent several years with The Staywell Company. Prior to joining Interactive Health, Brad served as an operating partner at Abundant Venture Partners and worked with AVIA Health, the leading hospital digital innovation collaboration platform.