The Partners Group employees participated in the Fight for Air Climb in Portland, OR and in Seattle, WA.

The Partners Group, a leading Northwest based financial and insurance consulting firm, had employees compete in a friendly competition during the Fight For Air Climb. The employees below signed up to participate in a fundraising event where you climb stairs in skyscrapers while raising money for the American Lung Association. On top of this fundraising event, TPG challenged local offices in Bellevue and Portland to see which of The Partners Group locations could climb more flights of stairs. Although the competition was fun, the goal was to support the American Lung Association. Thanks to the employees, the American Lung Association received $1,386 in donations.

TPG Employees in Bellevue, Washington: (left to right) Paul Vlcek – Commercial Insurance Account Executive, Mike Gano – Managing Partner of the Commercial Insurance division, Christine Morgan – Account Executive in the Employee Benefits division, Bill Baldwin – Partner and Founder, and Scott Handler – Commercial Insurance Account Assistant.


Doreen Barnhouse, VP of Operations at The Partners Group, said “Wellness is an important component of a healthy work environment at The Partners Group, and we provide many opportunities for our employees to be active, participate or reach a new fitness goal. We believe in practicing what we preach and to lead by example as we recommend and implement wellness plans to our clients. Wellness is more than physical, as we believe a healthy family and community leads to good mental health for our employees, and connects us to our values. Wellness points can be earned by volunteering, giving blood and coaching a kids sports team, as well as participating in company sponsored walking events, lunch and learns, no sugar challenges or team 5k’s put on by local organizations we support. We have fun – which is a core value at TPG, and we believe this is a key component in a competitive benefit package to attract and retain quality employees.”

“TPG’s wellness program, The PEACE Project, is not to focus solely on self well-being, but on a more wholesome picture as it focuses on personal, community, and family wellness,” says Dena Holley, Human Resource Specialist at The Partners Group. “TPG provides opportunities throughout the year to support, encourage, and drive our employees to pursue choices that result in healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families. We recognize, as do our employees, that healthier lifestyles lead to a more enriching life. We use a points based program that is tied to health plan contribution incentives to engage our employees, which has resulted in 100% participation over the course of four years. The PEACE Project ensures that “wellness” reaches more than just our employees, but also their families and communities. To The Partners Group, this is the definition of success.”

As the largest fundraising climb program in the country that supports the American Lung Association, the Fight for Air Climbs make a significant impact on those affected by lung disease. The funds raised support research, education and patient programs to help the millions of Americans impacted by asthma, COPD, lung cancer, air pollution and other lung diseases.

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