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We Make it Simple to Protect What’s Important to You
& Easy to Get the Best Mix of Coverage and Pricing

We make it simple to protect what’s important to you and easy to get the best mix of coverage and pricing with a comprehensive range of insurance coverage and expert advice from local agent professionals. When it comes to some of your biggest investments, like your home, car or maybe even your wedding ring, we know that trust matters. From easy policy changes like adding a new car to helping you insure your home under construction or adding your daughter as a new driver, we’re standing ready to help you through life’s journey.



Who We Serve

The Partners Group has been protecting individuals and families with personal insurance coverage for over 35 years.  


Products & Services


  • Homeowners for Primary & Secondary Residences
  • Condominium & Renters
  • Dwelling Fire Policies for Tenant Occupied Structures
  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • Foreign Properties
  • Earthquake & Flood

Transportation and Recreational

  • Personal Auto Policies
  • Collector Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Yacht &d Watercraft

Liability and Personal Risk

  • Directors’ & Officers’ Exposures
  • Employment Practices (Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination)
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Personal Umbrella Protection with Limits up to $100 million
  • Identity Theft & Restoration Services
  • Trip Insurance & Medical Evacuation

Other Specialized Coverage

  • Valuable Articles Policies for Jewelry, Fine Arts, Collectibles & Wine
  • Workers Compensation & Benefits for Domestic Help
  • Crisis Management
  • Sewer & Drain Backup
  • Wedding & Events Coverage


Next Steps

Let us help you cost-effectively protect yourself against risk.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation.


The Team

Turns out the formula for success isn’t a what. It’s a who. The Partners Group team. In addition to years of industry experience, they invest in advanced training to stay ahead of the financial curve. Meet them here. Then get to know them in person.

Bellevue Washington Team

Contact: / 503.726.5668

Carrie McHale is affiliated with Geneos Wealth Management, Inc.

Contact: / (425) 285-2312[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column_inner][/fusion_builder_row_inner]

Contact: / 503.726.5668

Carrie McHale is affiliated with Geneos Wealth Management, Inc.

Contact: / 503.726.5660 / 503.941.4384

 Contact: / 503.941.4353



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Claims: 800.252.4670 (24/7)

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