An important reason that makes TPG an “employer of choice” is because we talk and walk  our core values (play well with others, have fun and live well, be curious, own it, and be a champion). They are not just lip service or slogans painted on walls. In fact, these five values come up intentionally and directly in all candidate screening interviews. (Here’s a hint for anyone considering a career with TPG: Study up on the core values!)

“We are committed to hiring  based on our values,” explains Karla Thommen, Managing Director of Talent Development. “During the screening process, candidates are vetted as core-value fits before they can move to the next step in the hiring process.”

Each candidate is asked two to three questions per core-value , based on the context of the interview. For example: What does having fun at work look like for you? Or, what’s something about which you are curious? (To which one candidate [OK, it was me] blurted out, “…Mushrooms!” and then had to quickly clarify just the plain ol’ grocery-store kind versus the magic kind.)

Goals for the Year
TPG has a goal of hiring 30 new sales producers by 2030, with a focus on increasing our diversity as a company. “We’re casting our net wide,” says Thommen, “to ensure we are reaching the best candidates for our jobs by communicating our opportunities to a diverse community of job seekers.” Since January, TPG has brought 17 people on board; Thommen and team are well on their way to achieving their metric.

Part of the current hiring push includes a new program called Fuel, geared toward professionals who have sales experience in insurance yet are still early in their careers. “We also have a two-year track for current employees who have been in service roles and are showing interest in sales positions.” Fuel candidates receive intensive education, sales training, and valuable mentorship. This track complements the two TPG development programs already in place: Spark, a short-term sales internship for college students; and Ignite, for new graduates beginning a full-time sales career in the insurance industry.

Another 2023 incentive is an expansion of our management training. “We’re intentionally investing in the growth and development of our leaders,” Thommen says. “From our executive leadership team to our First Team to manager cohort training, there’s a natural momentum of learning and development occurring at the people-leader level. We also started the Emerging Professionals Group, an employee resource group (ERG), for our professionals between the ages of 20–30 (although anyone can participate). This ERG creates an environment of peer learning and mentoring, a sense of community amongst professionals going through the same season of their career, interaction with leadership, and it reinforces Be Curious and Have Fun & Live Well (two of our core values) We started this ERG  three years ago, on a ‘need vs. demand’ basis; today, it is valued as a true benefit, which is satisfying.”

Thommen and team continue to fine-tune the onboarding experience, especially in light of cultural shifts brought about by the COVID pandemic. “It’s a myth that employers can return to the way things were, before COVID. We are still identifying and lasso’ing these nebulous cultural changes, such as redefining ‘connection’ and what that looks like now – in person, virtually, socially, culturally. It’s all changed, and it’s so interesting. I could talk about it for hours.”

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