Many of the outstanding resources below are free and great places to start regardless of where you’re at with your workplace wellness program. This is a sampling of organizations, both locally and nationally, that have evidence based health promotion best practices you can reference. Certainly, we at The Partners Group are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding the development of a workplace wellness program. Iris Tilley at Barran Liebman Attorneys is also available through The Partners Group to answer legal questions you might have when starting up a wellness program.

Helpful resources to get you started on workplace wellness:

• Wellness at Work through Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI)
• Workplace Health Promotion (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
• Worksite Wellness Network
• American Heart Association Play Book
• National Institute of Health (NIH)
• Carrier Partners
• HERO Health (Health Enhancement Research Organization)

Contact Us: If you have questions or would like an initial consultation on your wellness program.

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Create an outcomes based approach to wellness with a focus on prevention: click here for article.

Case Study:
We’ve highlighted a particular employer and how they went down the path of implementing a workplace risk reduction strategy in this case study.

Legal Guidelines:
Additionally we’ve invited our legal counsel, Iris Tilley from Barran Liebman Attorneys, to address legal considerations to be aware of when moving forward with a health contingent wellness program, click here.

Webinar video: In this Webinar video we share ideas and strategies for implementing a workplace wellness program into your workplace. First we focus on the benefits of a workplace wellness program, both from the employer perspective and then also from the employee perspective. We also share some tips for focusing on prevention and talk about specific risk reduction strategies that you can implement in your workplace. Then we wrap it up with what’s next in workplace wellness. Within the Employer Services Division of the Partners Group, we not only offer employee benefits, we also provide employee health and productivity consulting services, healthcare analytics, total absence management consulting services, as well as employer retirement plans. Please contact us if we can be of further assistance to you.



Alexa Galluzzo, Managing Consultant, Health and Productivity, The Partners Group