About Our Company

For over 38 years The Partners Group has been serving the financial and insurance needs of employers, medical professionals, and successful individuals with divisions including employer services, wealth management, commercial and personal insurance. We have built our business from the ground up to ensure we are a thriving organization for the next 40+ years. Although we have developed a national network and reputation, you can count on our local commitment and service. We deliver through the hard work of over 150 teammates, who tirelessly provide results greater than the sum of our parts. The Partners Group has offices in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Bend OR; Bellevue, WA; and Bozeman, MT.  Learn more about our history and heritage

Our Values

Serving Employers and Businesses

Employer Services

Looking for employee benefits that also benefit your company? That makes two of us. From health care benefits to engaged health plan strategies/analytics to retirement planning, we create employee benefits that balance your employees’ dreams with your company’s goals. All while taking work off your plate instead of heaping it on. Here’s an overview of what we do and how we can help. Read more

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is about more than getting the right policy. It’s about partnering with the right company. At The Partners Group, we think “one size fits all” doesn’t. So we dig deep to understand your business. Read more

Group Physicians Advisory Services

Taking care of those who take care of others. You care for your parents with an unwavering dedication to their long-term well-being. TPG’s Physicians Advisory Services will do the same for you. Read more

Serving Individuals and Families

Wealth Management

At The Partners Group, we go beyond managing investments to creating integrated, holistic c strategies designed to grow and preserve your wealth. With more than $400 million in assets under management and advisement and more than 100 qualified plans, we’re one of the largest Independent Registered Investment Advisors in the Northwest. We have the resources, experience, and expertise to help you get there. Wherever “there” may be for you. Read more

Personal Insurance

Our policy? Finding a policy that fits you. Your needs. Your life. Together, we look at the options, examine the choices, see the implications of each product within the big picture of your plans. Then we collaborate to determine what protects you the most today and in the long run. Read more

Physicians Advisory Services

Founded solely to serve physicians and medical clinics, Physicians Advisory Services provides guidance to more than 20,000 physicians and over 200 clinics. We provide unmatched expertise to help you protect, save and grow your wealth. Read more

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