Portland, OR—In November 1981, entrepreneur Bruce Kerr started a business to serve the greater good of the community. Kerr Insurance Co. took root and grew with intention and forethought. Over the years, Kerr added employees, business divisions, and clients, all while strengthening its foundation. In the year 2000, the company became known as The Partners Group; today, TPG is proud to be among the very small group of independent, privately owned businesses that have grown and thrived for 40 years in the Pacific Northwest.

“TPG’s sustained growth and expansion is directly tied to the spirit of its people,” says CEO Roderick Cruickshank. “We have attracted curious, growth-minded, problem solvers who serve our thousands of clients daily. The primary goal of our leadership is to invest, support, and accelerate the development of our teams. Attract the best, then get out of their way!”

The company plans to transition to 100% employee ownership by 2030. As TPG President Brad Nantz states, “We want to be an employer of choice, and company ownership by 2030 is one of the things we offer. We fundamentally believe that if we can attract and retain top talent who are the best at what they do and enjoy the work, then that will impress our clients. We also believe that owners serve customers differently than employees, so we want every employee to have access to that ownership.”

Our Corporate Mission

Our purpose statement—”Make a difference in our communities through our work and inspire others to do the same”—was written to help the business face and weather all challenges, from exponential growth to economic downturns, from political upheaval to a global pandemic. And it worked, since TPG is still here and still growing, 40 years later.

The company has added satellite offices, more staff, and new divisions, all while keeping its mission statement intact within the insurance, finance, and consulting industries. We are pleased to have received such recognitions as Portland Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers (annually since 2011); the Oregonian’s Top Workplaces (annually since 2012); Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (2015, 2017, 2020); and Portland Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy Award (annually since 2009), to name just a few.

TPG’s Core Values
The company’s core values are at the forefront of everything we do. These are not simply words on a page but an authentic and intentional reflection of our history and commitment to our culture and employees:

Play Well with Others
Assume positive intent. Invest in relationships.

Be Curious
Seek to learn. Listen and ask questions.

Be a Champion
Create solutions that are a win for all.

Own it
Do what you say you are going to do.

Have Fun & Live Well
Balance your hard work with laughter and joy.

These five values appear across our work channels—you’ll hear them in interviews, in performance reviews, they’re painted on the walls, and we refer to them every day in every meeting about every initiative, big or small.

TPG Launches the #Give30 Campaign
In 2020, TPG leaders took the company’s mission even further by launching the #Give30 campaign, a 10-year goal to give back $30 million in 1) donated time and money to the community and 2) annual profit sharing for our own employees. As mentioned earlier, we also expect to have expanded company ownership to 100% of employees by 2030. And we are well on our way.

The TPG Foundation to Affect Big Change in 2022
We created a 501(c)(3) in 2020, dedicated to “making a difference in the communities we live and work by investing in the health, wellbeing, and education of the next generation.” When COVID-19 hit, the Foundation’s plans were tabled, albeit temporarily. In 2022, the Foundation looks to influence big changes within the chosen beneficiary communities.

To our TPG co-workers, clients, friends, and family—here’s to 40 years and counting!