Employee engagement has been getting a lot of attention lately and for a good reason. Research shows that having an engaged workforce can improve retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.1

So, how do you know if your workforce is engaged? 

When employees are engaged, they are connected to their company’s purpose and mission, as well as to their colleagues and leaders. Engaged employees experience a sense of belonging and inspiration to do quality work. Simply put, engaged employees have excitement and energy for their career and their company.

Now, what does a disengaged workforce look like?

Disengaged employees are doing the bare minimum to get by. They show little initiative to take on projects and learn new skills, and they are often showing up to work purely for the paycheck. National statistics show that many employees are actively disengaging from the work that they do, meaning they’re intentionally trying to be less involved.2 This is a problem.

Luckily, as an employer, you have several ways to  encourage employee engagement. 

One key element that is often missing in organizations is the connection between employees’ contributions and the company’s mission. Many employees do not see how their work impacts their company, colleagues, and/or community. This is especially true for remote workforces.

If employees don’t see or understand the impact of their contributions, they won’t feel a sense of purpose at work. Purposeless workforces quickly become disengaged workforces.

It is essential that employers start thinking deeper about promoting purpose-driven work.

We encourage leaders across this country to talk to their people about engagement and purpose-driven work. Here are some examples:

  • Discuss during your one-on-one meetings, ask your people what makes them feel empowered and fulfilled in their lives?
  • Another idea is to survey your employees. Analyze workers’ satisfaction and involvement with the organization, including their opinions about leadership, opportunities for career growth, and more. PartnerWell can assist you in developing and deploying tailored employee engagement surveys.

For inquiries about how PartnerWell can assist you and your team, contact Hayley and Jenna at partnerwell@tpgrp.com.


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