Jan 14, 2020, Ben Musser, Associate Account Executive, Personal Insurance, Bellevue, WA

Geologic-Hazard Analyst John Bauer states, “We’re not overdue, but we’re due,” for a megathrust earthquake in the PNW.[1] Because the chance of unprecedented loss resulting from a megaquake in the PNW is a question of when and not if, it’s important to ask ourselves how we will recover from such a catastrophe.

The majority of buildings in our area are at risk for a total loss in the event of an earthquake. Therefore, having provisions handy and an emergency plan in place is only half the battle when preparing for disaster. The other equally important part is properly insuring possessions and property to prevent serious financial loss.

It is important for every family in the PNW to ask themselves, “How would we protect ourselves if the megaquake were to happen tomorrow?” If the answer to that question does not put your mind at ease, it could be beneficial to speak with a personal insurance advisor about earthquake coverage.

Note: Earthquake coverage must be endorsed or added as a separate policy.

[1] Totten, Michael J. “Off the Richter Scale.” City Journal, Winter 2019, www.city-journal.org/pacific-earthquakes.