Amber Lattin – Datalytics Manager
Amber has been with TPG since 2005 and has more than 15 years of employee benefits and healthcare insurance industry experience, including an FAHM designation. She earned a BS in Business Administration: Information Systems from Portland State University. She believes her most important professional strength is healthcare data analytics. “I’m most passionate about being part of a team, developing solutions for internal and external clients.”

First, can you explain for our readers what Datalytics are and how your department’s services come into play?

Our department delivers financial health plan reporting and analysis, offering analytical solutions for Employer Services clients. From monthly health plan reports to annual budget renewals, monthly IBNR reserves, and more, we give clients and consultants insight into the costs and planning of their health plans.

Datalytics transitioned from (what was known as) Interas by blending into the Employer Services department a year ago, and we have become more involved with the broader team, providing analysis and delivering solutions to clients.

Our team consists of those with many years of experience in our industry, providing a unique skillset and insight to ES and clients.  We have hired a new team member who is fast learning our tools and the insurance world to provide more assistance as ES continues to grow their book.

Over the past two years, we have automated the majority of reporting processes from over 30 carriers, processing their data into our standardized database, and generating emailed monthly reports to the consultants and account managers. We have an internal health plan budget model that feeds data from our internal database and now auto-generates and emails the renewals!

Tell me about your background – what brought you to this point?

I’ve been with TPG for 18 years – this was my first job out of college. I thought I would go into IT and that The Partners Group would just be a starting point. But there is so much interesting stuff about data in insurance. There was also potential for growth, and I’ve had some great mentors and supervisors along the way. Employer Services is a complex world, and employers can struggle to figure it all out, which gives me a sense of purpose.

What are you excited about in your career?

I enjoy being challenged, learning new things, and solving problems to help a client. I like seeing what new questions are in my in-box every day – internal questions or client-specific work.

What are your current department goals?

Our goals this year are to be more involved in client and prospect discussions around self-funding their health plans, assisting alongside consultants on analytical solutions for clients trying to navigate the healthcare world. We can continue to build relationships with clients who have ongoing needs for financial healthcare questions and deliverables, showing how TPG is unique in our well-rounded team of analysts and our skillsets.

We also are building more dashboards around our reports, streamlining the analysis to make it easier for clients to know the impact of healthcare costs. We’re looking at more efficiencies around internal processes as well.

How has your industry changed in the past few years?

From COVID’s impact on healthcare, Relative Benefit Pricing transitions, tracking more than $1-million catastrophic claims, increased specialty medication costs, medical inflation, facilities struggling with the healthcare job market, increased member utilization of healthcare, and more, it has been a challenge for everyone to stay up on the changes. We have provided data and analysis for consultants and clients to help them navigate through these challenges.

How do you see TPG innovating and leading the way?

We truly stand apart in the broker industry with our amazingly skilled and knowledgeable team! We are unique in leveraging data skills for automation processes, analytical models, and our drive for efficiencies. This has allowed us to onboard the influx of clients Employer Services has brought on over the years to a point where we don’t feel overburdened or feel the need to hire as much to handle the increased volume of reporting and requests. Our automation and efficiencies allow us time to focus on more direct involvement in providing analysis and solving problems for clients.

As you know, TPG leans into our five core values – play well with others, own it, be curious, have fun and live well, and be a champion. Which of these is currently resonating with you?

It’s to be curious. You have to have an interest in the why and in where the questions are coming from. It’s what drives our department.

For enquiries about how our Datalytics team can assist you and your organization, contact Amber and her colleagues at