October 1, 2021 BrokerTech Ventures (BTV) is the industry’s first broker-led convening platform and accelerator program, one that The Partners Group was honored to join in the summer of 2021. As BTV prepares to take center stage by leading out BrokerTech Connect during InsureTech Connect (ITC) in Las Vegas, NV, on October 4–6, the company is also making two major announcements.


BTV Convenes Latin American Brokers/NetBrokrs
BTV is elevating its international presence by pledging to counsel and advise the LATAM (Latin American) Accelerator operation fueled by the foundational guidance of members from the BTV leadership team. BTV also represents The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator, which operates out of Tel Aviv, Israel, and was founded in November 2020.

“This new relationship with Latin America allows BTV to continue to explore how our accelerator model resonates with the insurance community outside of the United States,” said Dan Keough, Holmes Murphy Chairman and CEO and co-CEO of BTV. “Additionally, it gives us a lens into the world of insurtech in Latin America and will only help BTV and our partners advance innovation for the benefit of the insurance industry across the globe.”

The LATAM Accelerator will be formed and led by Pablo Duarte and Hilario Itriago, Co-Founders of Insurt3ch and NetBrokrs. Both bring more than 20 years of experience each in the insurance and insurtech/fintech industries. Using the BTV Accelerator program, LATAM hopes to maximize emerging technologies for insurance companies through tailored input centered on specific business issues.

BTV Increases Broker-Led Partner Platform to 15
BTV has also announced the addition of its newest industry-leading broker partner UNICO Group. “Our BTV network continues to increase in expansion across the country, allowing us to be the first to stake our position in cultivating, curating, and fostering innovation for brokers,” said Keough. “UNICO Group is a well-respected brokerage with a commitment to innovation and thought leadership, and we’re excited to have their cutting-edge ideas at the table.”

The addition of UNICO Group brings the BTV industry portfolio to 15 of the most sizable and innovative brokerage firms in North America and 12 of the most notable and respected insurance companies and wholesalers with both domestic and international presence.

“UNICO Group is excited to partner with BrokerTech Ventures and its members in our joint mission to collectively embrace insurtech solutions,” said Ric Stoakes, UNICO Executive Vice President, Risk Consultant.  “BTV’s dedication to innovation and technology aligns with our future-focused drive and motivation. We were humbled by the invitation from such well-respected firms and are energized to begin working together on this new opportunity for the benefit of those we serve.“

On top of this, between the BTV Accelerator and Early-Stage Investment towers of operation, BTV now also represents 24 insurtech companies in its portfolio, including The Partners Group, with investments and commercial engagements in each. The application window for the 2022 BTV Accelerator will open in November.