At the Core With Sarah Friend

Episode 5: “Raising Your Hand” with Julie Woodward, Director of Forestry, Oregon Forest Resources Institute


Sarah and Julie discuss the power of stepping boldly into leadership and about how it’s OK to ask (or offer), “What if we do more?” It’s a thought-provoking notion that carries over into work, life, and community.

They also cover their love of the Pacific Northwest’s natural environment, the importance of having allies and being a champion, and how it is vital to encourage other women to stand up, raise their hand, and be heard.

Recorded on October 16, 2023


As the Director of Forestry at the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, Julie oversees OFRI’s landowner education program and serves as the lead forester. She is passionate about helping people of all ages connect with our natural resources.

Julie has been professionally engaged in the forest sector for over 25 years, including being recognized as Oregon’s “Forester of the Year.” She owns a small business with her husband called Woodward Forestry, where he works full time. She holds a bachelor’s in forest management and business administration and a master’s degree in natural resources education and extension, both from Oregon State University.

Julie is a native Oregonian, even raising her kids in the same town in which she grew up. She was recently recognized with the Kirk Burkholder Service Leadership Award.

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