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TPG Market Commentary: Stocks, The Only Game in Town?

During the most recent quarter, U.S. Stocks (as represented by the S&P 500) have hit another all-time high. After a decade of above average stock returns and fears of the last recession a distant memory, it’s hard not to wonder if we should invest in anything other than stocks. After all, as you can see below, they’ve done phenomenally well over the last 10 years, especially compared to Cash and U.S. Bonds:

To put this into perspective, $1,000,000 in stocks would have grown to $3,096,220 while bonds and cash would have grown to $1,448,236 and $1,030,000, respectively. This is eye-popping wealth creation that causes even the most disciplined investor in us to consider throwing caution to the wind and going all-in with stocks. Of course, seasoned investors know there is no reward without risk. The reason investors are compensated with higher long-term returns in stocks vs. bonds and cash is because stock investors must endure significant declines in the value of their portfolios every so often. The orange line in the chart below represents drawdowns (% drop from the previous high to the low) in the S&P 500 since 1976.

As you can see, stocks occasionally go through very uncomfortable declines. For instance, in the Great Recession of ’08-’09, stocks fell by more than 50%. In dollar terms, $1,000,000 in stocks would have dropped to $490,500. For comparison, the blue line in the chart represents drawdowns for U.S. Bonds, which was barely a blip during the same period. Drawdowns in bonds have historically been a fraction of what they’ve been in stocks. This safety, however, comes at a cost: lower long-term returns.

Withstanding one of these stock market drawdowns […]


Serving on a Non-Profit Board Can Be Risky Business

It’s common for successful individuals to take on board positions for non-profit organizations as a way of offering leadership skills and connections to serve local communities.  However, these organizations and their directors and officers can be exposed to lawsuits. 

According to a Towers Watson 2013 D&O survey1, 63% of its non-profit respondents had been subject to a D&O claim in the past 10 years. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center2 reports that 85% of all non-profit insurance claims filed under D&O liability policies are employment related.  Even if allegations against you as a board member are groundless, you will incur costs to hire an attorney, which can add up very quickly when defending a claim. 

How Are You at Risk?

A wrongful act could come from:

  • Acts such as employment-related discrimination, slander or defamation; wrongful failure to employ or promote; or wrongful demotion
  • Conflict of interest, breach of contract, or fraudulent financial statements
  • Mismanagement of funds such as assets being sold for unreasonably low prices or wasting assets
  • Errors in judgment such as dissemination of false information, misleading statements or improper guarantees
  • Negligence such as breach of duty, failure to review documents before signing, or failure to detect or stop embezzlement

Claims could be filed against you by parties outside of the organization including donors or beneficiaries; organization members or employees; other directors or officers of the organization; or government officials.

While the nonprofit you are serving may have D&O insurance, is there enough coverage to protect against claims brought against the current board, past board members and even volunteers?  It’s important to understand the scope of coverage and limits of liability provided to make sure you are protected. 

How can you protect yourself from these potential risks? 

Talk with your insurance agent about extending coverage for non-profit directors & officers service from your […]


Doing Insurance Business Digitally

What if we could make your life a little bit easier?

Did you know you can now get access to your insurance policies from your computer, smartphone or tablet? 

Today, many of the insurance carriers we work with provide robust and easy-to-use mobile apps that can provide you with direct access to important insurance resources 24 hours a day … even when you are waiting at the airport, relaxing on the beach or waiting in line for coffee!  Here are some of the key features you can benefit from:

  • Pay bills, check your balance and view statements
  • View policy and coverage information
  • Access ID cards (important for when you are purchasing that new vehicle)
  • Report a claim
  • Track a claim from start to finish
  • Get direct-dial access to roadside assistance
  • Update loan information
  • Much, much more!

We’ve included instructions here for accessing some of our carrier mobile apps and online portals.  If your carrier is not listed here, please contact us to inquire if your carrier offers a mobile app solution. 

We thank you and appreciate your business.


Carrie McHale

Managing Director, Personal Lines

Contact: cmchale@tpgrp.com / 503.726.5668

Carrie McHale is affiliated with Geneos Wealth Management, Inc.





Mobile App Instructions                   Mobile App Instructions


Mobile App Instructions                   Mobile App Instructions



TPG’s Personal Insurance Referral Program Winner

Tyler James of Tualatin, OR is the winner of the personal insurance referral program for the fourth quarter of 2018. As part of our referral program, they have received a $100 VISA Gift Card. Also, The Partners Group makes a $10 donation for every referral received to the non-profit of the quarter. This quarter, The Partners Group will be donating to Junior League of Portland


Michelle Gallardo and Tyler James


To learn more about the personal insurance referral program, click here.


The Partners Group is honored to support Sound – One of King County’s most extensive providers of quality mental health and addiction treatment services

Left to right: Eric Thesen from The Partners Group Personal Insurance Division, then Scott Handler, Roxanna Jessen, and Jordan Stair who are all from The Partners Group Commercial Insurance Division.

Scott Handler takes on Jordan Stair in the dunk tank.  Both are from The Partners Group Commercial Insurance Division.

The Partners Group commercial team chooses Sound as one of the causes they support. There are currently over 200 individuals benefiting from the Sound’s Intellectual Disability Program (IDD), representing 15% of their annual $70MM budget. The Partners Group has enjoyed volunteering, cooking and cleaning at several of their quarterly dances, and decided to take a step further by donating a dunk tank at this last event!

Sound’s vision is to provide effective and innovative whole health care for the people in the communities they serve.  Since 1966, Sound is here to strengthen their community and improve the lives of their clients by ensuring health and human reservices that are tailed to their needs. Their award-winning programs have helped their clients reach toward recovery and reconnecting with their families.

To learn more about Sound Health: https://www.sound.health/


Bold for Blood Challenge – taking a stand to help end blood donor shortage in our community

We all can help!  Donate blood, then tag three individuals on your social media post to help donate blood. Help end the local shortage in Western Washington and Oregon!

The Bold for Blood Challenge is going on now through Labor Day, September 3rd.

Did you know according to Bloodworks Northwest, “It takes 800 donors a day to sustain a blood supply for patients in our community?” Summer donations are currently down by 25% and Bloodworks Northwest is taking a stand to help end the shortage of blood donors through the Bold for Blood Challenge.

Pictured: Lucinda Kay, KXL FM News Radio Show Host (left), Austin Early, Account Executive at The Partners Group (middle), and Kimberly Meeder, Donor Resources Representative for Bloodworks NW (right).

Austin Early, Commercial Insurance Account Executive, at The Partners Group serves on the council of BloodWorks Northwest. A nonprofit, volunteer-supported blood center and medical research institute.

In a recent interview with Station 101.1 KXL FM News on “Speaking Freely” with Lucinda Kay airing at 7:00AM on August 19th. Austin talks about the #BoldForBlood social media campaign going viral to save lives by donating blood as a volunteer and current donator!


Cyber Risk – A Growing Concern in the Amusement Industry

For the past decade, cyber threats have become a growing concern for individuals and businesses.  In 2017, over 179,000,000 records and 14,200,000 credit cards were exposed.  This represented a 27.5% increase in data breaches, signifying an increasing trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. (According to the Identity Theft Resource Center.) 

The Entertainment and Amusement Industry appear to be transitioning slower than other industry segments in addressing their risks associated with cyber threats. POS systems, cloud computing, PCI compliance and a business model that revolves around getting people in the doors create significant risk.  Oftentimes, regional or family-owned facilities don’t have the internal resources to appropriately combat the more sophisticated threats targeting their business when compared to their publicly traded peers.  Without full time, on-staff network security and IT professionals, these organizations face significant risk on their balance sheet in an environment that is rapidly changing. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated in combating security and firewalls.  Many of these attackers are investing heavily in tools that allow them to deploy ransomware in the cloud, and are developing artificial intelligence technology to broaden their abilities to exploit individuals through spear phishing schemes, plus malware deployment that stays ahead of “sandboxes” and security programs meant to deter hackers.

Few owners and operators have conducted a financial cost impact in the event a major breach occurred. Data available through Beazley Risk Management states that for every file breached, there is a conservative cost of $250-$300 per file cost (per affected individual). These fees include credit monitoring for breached individuals, notification expense and computer forensics required to investigate the full impact of the breach.  With 100,000 annual visitors, the financial impact could well exceed seven figures.

What should business owners be thinking about […]


What CFOs & HR Executives Need to Know-

The Risks & Impact of the Explosive Growth in Data Breaches, Plus How to Protect Your Company & Your Employees

View this Content Online as a Short Article on Portland Business Journal

Webinar Video & PowerPoint Slides

The number of data breaches is at an all‑time high. It’s increased 40% year over year over the last two years and this problem isn’t going away. In fact, it has become more serious. Literally, last year over 1,000 breaches were reported in the news. This translates to roughly three major (reported) breaches that create significant harm to people in the US and around the world every day. You’ve probably been personally affected by the recent Equifax breach, if not one of the other hacks that we’ve been hearing so much about. Data breaches touch everyone!

While you may think that identity theft isn’t all that pervasive, it is in fact incredibly common.

When our data is breached, we are roughly three to four times more likely to fall victim to identity theft than someone who’s not had their data breached. Unfortunately, due to the Equifax breach, roughly one in two employees in the US have been compromised. If you pool your employees on whether they’ve been affected, you’ll find roughly half of them have been affected by this problem. 15.4 million people fell victim to identity theft last year alone, which was a 16% increase over the prior year, and this is approximately 10% of your workforce!

Here’s the story by the numbers on business cyber-attacks:

  • 55% of small business owners experienced a cyber‑attack in the past 12 months. Smaller firms may not have the same security as the larger firms, so they too are vulnerable to […]

Managing the Risk of Growing Cyber Security Threats

Check out this helpful article on cybersecurity in which The Partners Group Contributes to a Portland Business Journal Panel of Experts to discuss risk management and protection

Benefit from the advice of experts from varied backgrounds:

Tim Deggendorfer from the Commercial Insurance Division at The Partners Group joins other professionals representing: a cyber security IT consulting firm, Securus Systems; a protection software provider, Tyfone, Inc.; a law firm, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn; and the banking industry, Unitus Community Credit Union.


View Print Article


View Portland Business Journal Online Article, “Thought Leader Forum: Why cybersecurity isn’t just an IT issue” 








Featured employee: 

Tim Deggendorfer, Team Lead, Commercial Insurance Division

Physicians & Medical Clinics:

Austin Early, Physicians Advisory Services Commercial Insurance


communications@tpgrp.com / (503) 241-9550


How to Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft & Determine Whether It’s Happened to You

Tips for protecting your corporate accounts as well as your employees’ confidential data

As mentioned in the TPG Webinar on cyber breaches, 25% of data breaches occur from employees accidentally releasing private data. Also allowing employees to use personal devices to connect to your company network creates risk of attack. This information is useful to individuals, as well as HR risk managers trying to reduce this risk to employees in their organization. Taking any one of these actions will significantly reduce your risk of falling victim to identity theft.

Anti-virus software: One of the first things you want to do is to make sure you have an antivirus solution turned on. Many of the computer systems today come with them. The key is you must turn it on.

You’re at risk when you’re surfing the Internet, receiving email, or exchanging text messages. The bad actors (perpetrators) will typically load code in email links and con or trick you into clicking on them, which will infect your machine and cause it to release information. Whether it’s your Social Security number, your bank account numbers, or other information you don’t want disclosed. It could be your corporate turn of accounts, if you’re a financial executive, or confidential data on your employees.

Here are see several variations of anti-virus products that you can install…

Anti-Malware: Have you ever wondered why when you click on a product on the Internet, suddenly every Website you visit shows you a copy of that ad? The problem is adware. When you click on an ad for a product or service, those advertisers load a piece of software on your browser that will follow you around as you visit various places on the web. The key is to install an adware or malware […]


Employee Benefits

The Employee Benefits Division of The Partners Group serves the employee benefit needs of over 500 West Coast employers, with offices in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Bend, OR; Bellevue, WA; and Bozeman MT. Our benefits consulting team specializes in providing a highly-consultative approach coupled with problem-solving wellness analytics, to help employers reduce healthcare costs, improve employee health, and create long-term health plan stability.

Business Consulting

The Business Consulting Division of The Partners Group is dedicated to consulting with healthcare systems and jumbo employers to manage the health and well being of their employees, families, and communities. Our focus is to provide an innovative, solution-oriented service that capitalizes on data to pinpoint potential problems. Whether it be uncovering potential sources of escalating healthcare costs, or other anomalies in data, this service provides endless, problem-solving advantages to a variety of industries.

Commercial Insurance

The Partners Group Commercial Insurance Division manages the business risks for hundreds of employers. We provide an unmatched depth and breadth in commercial insurance and risk management services combined with extraordinary people who possess an unusual ability to connect on a personal level. We work hard to understand the unique risks and exposures of your business, and identify the solutions to provide the right coverage for the right price. As an independent company The Partners Group can tailor solutions to work specifically for you, even creating new policies and programs, if that’s what you need.

Private Client Services

The Partners Group Private Client Services Division advises business owners and high income shareholder groups comprising just over 3,200 successful individuals, families and medical professionals on investment services, retirement planning, and personal insurance. We’ve been in business for over 30 years as a privately held company based in the Northwest, and we’re here to stay. Additionally, we are not tied to products and plans. We provide various platforms and a multitude of options to fit your needs, which can change over time as your life changes. When you work with TPG Private Client Services, you’re dealing with the shareholders of this firm, and we are honored to play a role your life, your family’s lives, and your next generation’s lives.