Several of The Partners Group employees participated in the 2017 Hood to Coast race, accomplishing a tough physical feat.

TPG’s Hood to Coast team includes Michelle Gallardo, Scott Averette, Leah Burkhart, Selena Tabscott, Roxanna McMahon, Christina Oakley, Alexa Galluzzo, Gary Alton, Karen Demus, and Janet Rodriquez.

The Hood To Coast relay, known as “The Mother of All Relays”, is the largest in the world. 1,050 teams of 8-12 people participate in the 199-mile race that starts at the top of Mt. Hood and goes to the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon. The race in total consists of thirty-six legs where each runner completes three of the legs that range in distance from 3.48 to 7.72 miles. The legs vary in difficulty due to the varying Oregon terrain.

Along with TPG having our own running team, additional employees participated in various walking teams.