Michelle Gallardo & Lori Hedgecock share their tips on car rental:

1. Know your personal auto policy. It’s likely your policy will extend coverage to a rented vehicle, but there are limitations. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance agent before you rent a car so you understand the limitations provided by your own auto policy.

2. Using a credit card to pay for the rental car may provide you some protection, but it’s likely limited to reimbursement of your insurance deductible after your own policy pays for repairs.

3. Understand there are unique circumstances that you will want to address with your agent before your trip, such as renting a car in a foreign country, renting an RV or a moving van or renting a car for business purposes. You will want to know how your own policy will apply in these circumstances, especially if your auto policy won’t provide any coverage.

Ultimately, avoid the stress and call your agent to be sure. Click here to find the agent near you.
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